How To Prevent Your Landlord From Getting Mad At You About The HVAC Unit

8 September 2015
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If you are a tenant, you probably expect for the heating and air conditioning system in your home or apartment to work like it is supposed to. However, you should know that your landlord probably has expectations about this expensive piece of equipment as well. To help prevent your landlord from getting mad at you about the HVAC unit in your rental, make sure that you follow these tips.

Check the Lease Carefully

First of all, when you first move in, you should be very careful about checking your lease to find out about your responsibilities regarding the HVAC unit in your rental. For example, some landlords might require you to change the filter yourself, and you could be fined or held responsible for damages to the unit if you fail to do so. Some leases might hold you responsible for HVAC repairs anyway; if your lease includes this type of clause, you should check with a legal professional to find out about the legality. In many jurisdictions, you cannot be held responsible for repairs or maintenance, but you should make sure that your landlord is aware of this rather than signing the lease anyway to prevent any problems.

Make Sure the Filter Is Changed Regularly

Whether you are the one who is responsible for changing the filter in your HVAC unit or not, you should make sure that it is done regularly. If your landlord prefers to do it but has not been keeping up with it, make sure that you call or otherwise notify him or her about it. Forgetting to change the filter is easy, but it can cause a lot of expensive damage that could be prevented otherwise. Plus, ensuring that the filter is changed regularly can help you ensure that the indoor air quality in your rental is what it should be.

Report Problems ASAP

Many HVAC problems can become a lot more serious if they are ignored. For example, if there is an electrical problem with your unit, there could be a risk of a fire. In less serious cases, motors that are jammed could burn out completely if they aren't replaced, which can cost a lot more. Letting your landlord know about any issues with your HVAC system can help him or her take care of the problem more quickly and affordably by hiring a heating repair service essex county nj, which can help prevent disputes. Plus, it'll help ensure that you have the safe and comfortable heat and air that you deserve.