Are Your Pets Increasing Your HVAC Costs?

29 February 2016
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When you have a dog or a cat, you may be increasing your HVAC costs whether or not you realize it. You may use additional energy in an attempt to keep them comfortable, or you might incur extra maintenance costs; there are many ways your pets can cost you extra money. Here's why you might be wasting money and what you can do to save money.

Pets Are Less Sensitive to Temperature Than You Are

Most homeowners with pets like to keep their home toasty warm during the winter and ice cold during the summer for the comfort of their pets. They might feel that it's not fair to let their pets deal with extreme temperatures during the day just because they can't talk to complain about it.

Your pets may actually much less sensitive to temperatures than you are. Their fur helps them regulate their temperature in both hot and cold temperatures.

In fact, some pets might even prefer if you left it cold inside during the winter. If your dog goes nuts when you let it outside, it will probably enjoy colder temperatures inside—some breeds were just born for cold weather.

Pets Can Escape Temperatures Better Than You Think

Do you ever get envious and think it's cute when your pet curls up for a nap in the middle of a sun beam? What about when they find a nice cool tile to sleep on?

Your pets are more than capable of finding ways to get warm or cool when they want to. And if you feel bad that they're napping all day, remember that dogs and cats need much more sleep than humans; they would probably be sleeping the same amount anyway.

Don't Forget Maintenance Costs

Leaving your air conditioner and heating system running longer than you otherwise would aren't the only ways your pets can cost you money. They can also add to your HVAC maintenance costs.

The biggest problem is their fur. It gets pulled into your intake vent and clogs up your filter. Clean and replace filters more regularly to make sure your system is as effective as possible.

Additionally, some of the fur will also sneak past the filter, and require you to clean the inside of your air conditioner to keep it running at maximum energy efficiency.

To learn more about how to keep your air conditioning system running at peak efficiency even when you have pets, contact a local HVAC contractor today, or visit websites like