How To Clean Air Registers

27 January 2017
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Cleaning your air registers is one of the easiest ways to ensure that you have no airflow issues with your heating and air conditioning system. If your registers are dirty, malfunctioning, or clogged, not only could you have problems with airflow, you might also have issues with mold formation and allergies caused by dust. This article explains the best way to quickly clean all of your air registers.

Removing your Registers

If you regularly clean the outside of your air registers by wiping them down with a rag or duster, you will still want to do this job. In fact, when you clean just the outside of your registers, there's a high possibility that you are just pushing dust deeper inside the vents. The only way to comprehensively clean your air registers is to completely remove them from the wall so you can clean both sides.

Most registers are just attached to the wall with a couple of screws. You can quickly remove them with a power drill. But, this will strip the paint off of the screw head. To get around this problem, you can usually just buy replacement screws. White is the most common register color. If you have another color, you might need to special order them. Also, if you happened to paint directly over your registers, you will need to repaint the screwheads.

Cleaning Your Registers

Cleaning your registers is easy once they are removed from the walls. For the speediest job, remove all of your registers at once and then clean them at the same time. Soaking them in warm water and using dishwashing soap and a scrubber is one great way to do it. This works great for aluminum, vinyl, and fiberglass registers because they won't be damaged by the water. However, if you have raw metal or wood registers, you should use less water. For instance, you can wipe them down individually with a damp rag.

While you have your registers off of the wall, you can clean the first few feet of your ducts. Use a wet rag to wipe down the sidewalls. Also, use a flashlight to look deeper into your ducts. If you notice mold formation or dust deep inside your ducts, you should probably call in a professional HVAC serviceman.

When this is all done, you can reattach your registers. This simple job could help improve your airflow and save money on your heating and cooling bills.