How to Clean Your Condensing Fins

27 February 2018
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It is easy to use your free time and money on decorations for your house. However, if you want to make an investment that will give you a more substantial return. Instead of spending your time and money on decorations and cosmetic remodels, it is a good idea to make investments that will improve the functionality of your home. For instance, you should be spending a little bit of money over the years maintaining your HVAC system. Most importantly, you need to clean your AC unit.

Why the AC Unit Needs to Be Cleaned

The AC unit is on the outside of your home, and it is perhaps the most vital part of the entire system. Also, since it is outside of your home, it is susceptible to dirt buildup on the outside walls of the unit. These outside walls are actually integral to the functionality of your AC unit because this is where the condensing process takes place. To put it simply, the condensing coils line the outside walls and are responsible for pulling the heat out of your home and condensing the moisture that is created during the process. Basically, the condensing coils and fins on the outside of your AC unit are central to the functionality of your system. They can get dirty very easily since they are exposed and only protected by a cage.

How to Clean the Condensing Fins

There is a chance that there will be stubborn dirt buildup within the fins that won't come out with just water. You can use coil cleaning brushes to release this dirt, but it will obviously be much harder to get around the protective cage. It is possible to remove the cage, but this will usually take longer than the actual cleaning. Nonetheless, it might be your only solution if your coils are extremely dirty. But if you keep your AC unit clean, and spray it down at least once a year, you won't really have such serious issues with dirt buildup. Most dirt will be easily washed away with a gentle water stream.

As you can see, the AC unit is surprisingly easy to clean, and most homeowners are happy to learn this basic maintenance because it enables them to quickly and easily do something that can make their system more energy efficient. For more information, contact local professionals like those found at AAA Home Services