A/C Replacement: What To Do With The "Old" Unit That's Not So Old

6 April 2018
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So, you bought a house that has an almost brand-new central A/C installed. There is just one problem. You do not want the central A/C; you want a heating pump. No problem; an HVAC technician can remove the central unit and install the new heat pump unit in no time flat. What remains a problem is what you intend to do with the "old" A/C unit after the AC replacement process is complete. Here are a few suggestions.

Wrap It up and Sell It

To keep the entire unit free of pests and out of the weather, use an industrial plastic wrap to wrap the whole thing up. Then store it someplace safe until you can sell it. You could probably sell a used unit like this for about half of its original MSRP and still make a decent profit. Plus, the buyer would be getting a decent central A/C unit for cheap.

You might even want to ask your HVAC technician if he/she wants to buy it or take it for a discount off of your new heat pump installation. (Some HVAC companies will actually do that. Then they sell these units to other customers at or below cost.)

Install It on Your Garage, Shed, Barn, Etc.

Here is another thought: keep the central A/C unit and install it in another building on your property. Maybe you have a mother-in-law room above your garage where the air conditioning would be a welcome benefit to your guests who stay in that space when they visit. Maybe you have a barn that is always too hot. Maybe you have a workshop, she-shed, man cave, art studio or other building on your property that could use some air conditioning. If you decide in advance to move the central air unit over to one of these outlying buildings, then your HVAC technician can install it there after he/she installs the heat pump on the house.

Give It to Someone Who Needs It

If you have a family member who could not otherwise afford the comforts of air conditioning, consider giving the unit to him/her. You could also give it to a poorer family and take a tax write-off, or give it to a friend. Anyone you give the unit to would have to pay for installation, but since you already know of a good HVAC technician for the job, you can refer the friend, neighbor, or family member to this technician.

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