Two Tall Tales Told About Air Conditioning

7 October 2018
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As a homeowner, you probably get a lot of advice about your air conditioning system, how it works, and the best way to keep it functioning. However, not everything people tell you will be correct, and you may end up in a bad situation if you believe them. Here are two myths you may have heard about A/C units that you should start ignoring.

Setting the Temperature Lower Will Cool the House Faster

For some reason, people think air conditioners will speed up their operations if they drop the thermostat temperature lower. It may because A/C units have fans in them, and fans can cool spaces faster when turned onto higher speeds. However, that's not how air conditioners work. These machines are set to pull and push air through at a set speed and no amount of fiddling with the thermostat will make it work any faster.

Instead, what you'll get for following this advice is a big energy and repair bill. Setting the thermostat lower than necessary forces the air conditioner to work for longer periods of time and causing it to draw more electricity than normal. Long running periods mean more wear and tear on parts, which will result in repairs and replacements earlier than expected.

If your home is taking a long time to cool down, it may be because of other culprits, such as poor insulation or clogged ducts. Have an HVAC technician do an inspection of your home to determine what could be causing the problem and how to fix it.

You Don't Need to Do Any Winter Prep

Since air conditioners are primarily used in the summertime, many people think they're in the clear maintenance-wise when winter rolls around. The truth is, winter is actually the time when you should be paying the most attention to your air conditioner to ensure it will start up when you need it to in the spring and summer.

Winter has quite a few hazards that can do significant damage to the unit. For instance, it's common for small animals like squirrels and mice to take up residence in the machine. Some units have been damaged by icicles hanging off of gutters and roofs. If you don't clean off debris and dirt from the unit before winter, that stuff can freeze and cause rusting and other problems.

Take time to prep your air conditioner for winter storage, and check on it at least once per week during the cold season to chase off any critters, clean ice and snow from the area, and ensure the unit is still functioning properly.

For help maintaining your air conditioner or for assistance with AC service, contact a local HVAC company.