A Few Tips For Troubleshooting Your Restaurant's Deep Fryer

16 September 2019
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When you own or manage a restaurant, it is up to you to make sure that all the equipment is working properly. Any time a cooking device is not working normally, foods are not going to be cooked the way they need to be. When the device is not working at all, it can be a massive loss of income for the day or longer. Almost every restaurant uses a deep fryer. These cooking devices must be properly maintained and serviced or you will end up losing a lot of business. Here are just a few things that can go wrong with a commercial deep fryer.

Won't Stay Lit

Almost all commercial fryers are gas-operated to save on electric bills and for safety issues. You don't want oil getting into any electrical contacts or else you will have a fire. Being gas-operated means there is going to be a pilot light and flames underneath or around the fryer pans. If you notice the normal flames keep going out when the oil is not at the desired temperature, there is probably a clog or crack in the line somewhere. When it is the pilot light that won't stay lit, it is probably a clogged orifice. You can attempt to clear a clogged orifice yourself, but only clear the tip of the orifice. Any other line clogs or cracks should be handled by a professional. 

Fluctuating Temperatures

When you first put any cold or frozen food items into the hot oil, the temperature of the oil is going to drop. However, the burners on the deep fryer will immediately turn on and begin heating the oil to the desired temperature. When the temperature in the fryer keeps fluctuating, does not reach the desired temperature, or goes over that same mark, there is probably a problem with the unit's thermostat. The workers who do the cooking have been trained and become accustomed to using timers to let them know when something is done. When the temperature is not correct, the food will either be under-cooked or overcooked when the timer goes off. You should check the temperature of the oil when the burners are off every couple of hours to ensure the correct temperature is being maintained. If you notice a problem, call a technician to come investigate the cause and make any necessary repairs. 

Filtering Issues

Not all deep fryers have their own filtering systems. Those that do not require you to have a mesh filter and bucket. After allowing the oil to cool, you simply place the bucket and filter under a spigot inside the front door of the fryer, open the spigot, and let the oil flow through the filter. Fryers with internal filtering systems are a bit different. There will be a pan under a drain in the fryer bowl. When you need to filter the oil, you open the drain and allow it to flow through a filter and into the pan. A pump then circulates the clean oil back to the fryer bowl. You will need to clean or replace the filter as it becomes clogged with food particles. If you can hear the pump running, but no oil is flowing back to the bowl, there could be a clog in the system. You can choose to attempt to clear the clog yourself or contact a professional. When you do not hear the pump running at all, it is best to have a technician look things over.

Don't miss out on business because your deep fryer is not operating correctly. Make sure someone responsible checks the unit before every shift. They need to alert you to any problems immediately so you can take the proper action to remedy the situation. 

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