Sound An Alarm About Rats In A Furnace

28 December 2019
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When the summer comes, you might not think much about your furnace. You probably don't think anything beyond how to turn it on during the winter. Thoughts about how large the heater's interior is won't usually pop into anyone's head. So, no one thinks about how a furnace's spacious interior could provide a palatial living for rats. If you discover rats inside your home, you probably took immediate steps to get rid of them. While an exterminator can deal with the presence of rats, he/she can't do anything about the damage they cause. Thankfully, an HVAC repair pro could address furnace problems caused by rodents.

Rats and Chewing Mayhem

Rats tend to chew. It is their nature, and the rodents chew to keep their teeth from growing excessively. Many things inside the furnace could be chewed on by rats. Imagine if they chew on the line that delivers gas to the furnace burners. Or, the target could be the lines designed for the removal of carbon monoxide. And then there are all the electrical wires. When the furnace is shut off along with the gas line valves, the dangers might not be immediately apparent. As soon as winter arrives, the threats quickly manifest once someone fires up the furnace.

Rats and Air Quality

Some issues with the rodents might be too gross to even bring to mind. Thinking about a particular problem might not be pleasant, but dealing with the unhealthy effects of a real situation is worse. The presence of rat droppings inside the system, for example, can contribute to less than desirable air quality. The same is true of any other organic matter left by the rodents. Remember, the fans blow hot air through the ducts. Any impurities present in the system could circulate through the air pumped into the home. The filter only catches so much. Residents may find themselves breathing what's left. 

The Appropriate Response

After exterminating the rats, it would not hurt to call in a technician to perform a furnace inspection. Even doing so when you can't confirm the rats entered the furnace makes sense. Again, you don't want to face any safety risks. A thorough inspection might uncover any damage. Also, ask about any available furnace and duct cleaning services. This way, any rodent-derived impurities get cleaned out. Don't wait until winter arrives. As soon as you learn about the rats, call HVAC contractors, and tell them about the issue.