3 Times You Might Need Emergency Furnace Repairs

14 September 2020
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When your furnace works properly, you don't give it much thought. However, you'll take notice fast if the furnace dies in the middle of winter. A furnace often gives clues something is wrong, and this allows you to call for help before the equipment breaks down. Here are three times to consider an emergency call to a furnace repair company.

1. Your Furnace Doesn't Run Very Long

The operation of your furnace is usually consistent. It runs several minutes at a time and cycles on and off a few times an hour depending on the size of the furnace and the temperature outdoors. If you've had your furnace for years, you're probably familiar with its normal operation.

If your furnace suddenly starts turning on several times per hour and it runs for just a few minutes at a time, that's a sign something is wrong. The furnace could be shutting itself down for protection because parts are overheating. When you notice this change in your furnace, call for help right away. Your furnace may shut down and not come back on, and then you'll be in the cold.

2. You Smell Burning Odors

A faint odor of burning dust might be normal when you turn the furnace on at the start of the season, but the odor goes away quickly. Any other time you smell plastic or dust burning, call a furnace repair professional and explain the problem. You may need an emergency service call to make sure the furnace is safe.

Your furnace has electrical wiring and electronic parts that could overheat or develop other problems. If something in your furnace overheats, it might pose a fire risk, so it's good to take burning odors seriously.

3. The Furnace Makes A Loud Noise When Starting

Loud noises should also be cause for concern. New sounds coming from your furnace can be caused by a number of things, and not all of them are dangerous. However, a sound that happens every time the furnace kicks on might happen because of problems in the ignition area. There could be a small buildup of gas that ignites with a small bang, and that might be an unsafe situation.

This type of delayed ignition can happen because the ignition area is coated with soot that interferes with the gas and air mixture and with igniting the burners. The condition will probably get worse, and it may even lead to furnace damage, so call a repair company promptly to look into loud furnace noises.