Three Ways To Troubleshoot A Furnace

17 November 2020
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As the cold months approach, it is vital that your furnace is in proper working order. When the furnace fails, the indoor temperature of the home can fall drastically. Regular maintenance on the unit will keep it running smoothly, alert you to new issues, and extend the lifetime expectancy of the appliance. However, over time there are issues that will arise due to simple wear and tear or human error. Follow this guide to learn how to troubleshoot these problems.

Room Temperature

When you have a room in the house that is not warming up like the rest, the problem usually points to the vents in that room. Vents are what are used to release the warm air into certain areas of the house. Most houses will usually have at least one per room to circulate the warmth. Locate the vent in the room and make sure that it is not blocked by furniture or other objects. If it is not blocked, check that it is open as wide as it will go. Remove the vent cover and look inside the opening for any items that may have fallen through the holes. Vacuum out the dust and small debris to improve the airflow through the vent.

Dirty Filters

The filter inside the furnace collects dust, hair, and other small debris that needs to be removed on a regular basis. When the filter gets too dirty, the it does not work as it should. This makes the entire heating system work harder than it is supposed to, which can result in a series of major issues inside the appliance. You can clean the filter and place it back inside of the unit. If the furnace requires a new filter due to its specific model, you can buy one at a home improvement store. Filters that are damaged should also be replaced, since it can hinder the function of it.

Strange Noises

A furnace makes a variety of noises while it is running. You will get used to the sounds of the unit kicking on and off. There are some noises that are not normal and may signal a problem inside the heating system. One of those noises is a loud squealing, which happens when the belt inside slips out of position. You will need to turn the furnace off before you can inspect the belt. It may have come loose and can be slipped back on. Or the belt itself may be cracked and or broken and should be replaced immediately.


Troubleshooting furnaces can be fairly easy with some issues. For others, you will need a professional heating repair service for the job.