Is Your Furnace Making Your House Dry And Uncomfortable? 3 Machines To Get Today

1 August 2018
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Are you tired of the dusty and stale air throughout your house that makes your eyes and throat dry, and that causes your skin to flake? If so, these allergy and irritant problems need to be fixed. You'll want to call your HVAC contractor. The contractor can examine the furnace and the ventilation system to see if there are any signs or complications, and test to see if the air is very dry. Read More 

About Your Old AC

24 June 2018
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When those hot summer months are approaching, you want to make sure you check on the condition of your AC so you know it is going to be up to the job of keeping you cool comfortably and efficiently. It is best if you have an HVAC technician come out to check on it before you turn it on, so they can make sure everything is running how it should and let you know if they find anything you need to be concerned about. Read More 

Why Should You Change Your Furnace Filter Twice A Year

22 May 2018
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HVAC systems need maintenance. That goes without saying, but many people leave their system alone for years on end, without doing anything. Even the timely replacement of the furnace filter is something that many neglect. This does not always mean you need to spend a bunch of money on professional services. You also need to do some DIY maintenance if you want to get the most productivity out of your heating and air conditioning. Read More 

A/C Replacement: What To Do With The “Old” Unit That’s Not So Old

6 April 2018
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So, you bought a house that has an almost brand-new central A/C installed. There is just one problem. You do not want the central A/C; you want a heating pump. No problem; an HVAC technician can remove the central unit and install the new heat pump unit in no time flat. What remains a problem is what you intend to do with the "old" A/C unit after the AC replacement process is complete. Read More 

How to Clean Your Condensing Fins

27 February 2018
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It is easy to use your free time and money on decorations for your house. However, if you want to make an investment that will give you a more substantial return. Instead of spending your time and money on decorations and cosmetic remodels, it is a good idea to make investments that will improve the functionality of your home. For instance, you should be spending a little bit of money over the years maintaining your HVAC system. Read More